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Today Amazon released new information about Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that indicates Kindles are selling well — without actually stating any hard sales numbers. Amazon said the top 4 spots on the worldwide Amazon best sellers list since launch nearly three months ago are Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fires.

As usual, however, the company would not reveal any specific sales figures, but yesterday’s sales surge was apparently given a big push by a special Cyber Monday deal of $129 for the Kindle Fire tablet, $30 off the usual price.

The retail giant said today that it sold more than double the number of Kindle devices this past weekend than it did during the same period last year. Amazon last year suggested it sold about 5 million Kindle Fires.

For CEO Jeff Bezos, the devices themselves are simply a portal to sell stuff.

“People don’t want gadgets, they want services,” Bezos told interviewer Charlie Rose this month.

The iPad represented 88.3 percent of all tablet shopping on Black Friday and Thanksgiving, according to IBM research. It was also 9.3 percent of all mobile shopping. The iPhone was 8.7 percent in mobile, while Android was just 5.5 percent in mobile. Added up, the iOS had 18 percent of mobile shopping versus 5.5% for Android.

A 2011 Gartner study projected Apple would keep 47 percent of the tablet market through 2015, with Android coming up with just 38 percent. But Android now has 44 percent of the market, according to ABI, with Android taking the crown as early as mid-2013, according to analyst Sameer Singh from Finvista Advisors.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 at 12:29 pm .

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