Aruba: Optimized App Delivery

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Aruba Networks today announced three new Wi-Fi controllers that have built-in controls to boost application delivery.

The new Aruba 7200 Series controllers inspect data packets flowing through Wi-Fi networks and apply software tools that can determine which applications get priority or can share the network with other applications within network bandwidth contraints. The three controllers are the 7210, 7220 and 7240. Pricing starts at $16,995.

Aruba uses its AppRF software running on the 7200s, to perform Deep Pack Inspection. Then, with Aruba’s Airtime Fairness and Quality of Service software, the controller can optimize over-the-air performance.

Aruba has 20,000 customers and is number two behind Cisco in Wi-Fi technology sales and customers, according to the company. The 7200 series controller was able to complete a download from, a cloud-based storage system, in 12 seconds, about 11 times faster than the 129 seconds it took a comparable Cisco 5508 controller. The 7200 series controller also costs half as much.

The 7200s provide control to access points based on 802.11ac technology and can be used to support up to 32,000 end user devices with 40 Gbps encryption capabilities.

According to ABI Research, over 9 billion Wi-Fi enabled devices have been shipped since 2009, and Gartner predicts mobile application downloads will hit 310 billion by 2016.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 at 10:09 am .

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