Santa Tracker Discrepancy Explained

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Google will provide minute-by-minute tracking of Santa and his reindeer via Google Maps. Since 2004, Google has tracked Santa via Google Earth, but this year you will be able to follow him on Google Maps as well.

You can also use the new Chrome extension or download the Android app to keep up with Santa from your smartphone or tablet. You can also get the latest updates on his trip on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

But on the official “NORAD Tracks Santa” website, powered this year by Microsoft, Santa Claus was in Rome, well past the 3-billion-present mark in his holiday rounds, while Google’s Santa Tracker showed him in the African country of Niger, not quite up to the 1-billion-present mark, reports NBC News.

Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan has been tracking the discrepancy in this year’s Santa-tracking software:

NORAD explains that it uses everything from radar to jets to track Santa. Google doesn’t explain its technology, but I suspect it tries to triangulate Santa using his cell phone signal or use of wifi hotspots.

“As for why NORAD shows Father Christmas delivering three times the number of gifts that Google is listing, perhaps NORAD’s radars can better pinpoint presents while Google might be doing estimating.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Monday, December 24th, 2012 at 3:18 pm .

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