Top Ten 2013 Predictions for Mobile Industry

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Forbes has 10 Predictions For The Mobile Industry In 2013.

The Forbes predictions:

  1. HTML5 will make a comeback on smartphones because of the release of Firefox OS, Tizen and Ubuntu for Phones.
  2. Plastic slabs in roughly three sizes; phone, “phablet” and tablet.
  3. Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon will launch their own phones.
  4. Wireless technology will give new life to products that were almost killed by smartphones, including watches, Point-and-shoot digital cameras, and day planners.
  5. Samsung will continue to dominate.
  6. So will Foxconn.
  7. Microsoft and (especially) Research in Motion will struggle to sell phones.
  8. Dark horses will challenge the third ecosystem.
  9. Carriers will lose more control to software providers. New players like FreedomPop are providing cheaper access and mobile messaging companies like WhatsApp and GroupMe are eating away at their SMS revenues.
  10. Big demand for big data

I like those predictions. I’ll flog some of my own:

  1. Google will enter the phone business as a Sprint virtual operator
  2. Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft will offer discounted data packages through AT&T/Dish and Sprint/Softbank for their own phones and services.
  3. América Móvil and Telefónica announce billion dollar bets on US telecom market.
  4. “Wireless Cable” is a non-event, but a real phenomena, waiting for H.265 chips.
  5. IPTV settops from Apple, Intel and Google struggle until ad networks deliver the goods.
  6. T-Mobile starts an LTE price war. By the end of 2013, 5GB/mo will be under $20.
  7. Intel and ZTE announce Cloud RAN partnership at MWC 2013.
  8. Spectrum Sharing via geolocation/interrogation becomes widespread for small cells
  9. Automatic Voice translation shrinks geopolitical boundaries.
  10. Cloud instrumentation and telematics revolutionizes health and transportation.
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