WiFi Cameras Multiply

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Samsung’s new NX300 ($749.99) is the latest in their mirrorless camera line, and features a 20MP APS-C sensor with upgrades to the camera’s Wi-Fi.

Samsung promises the camera’s Wi-Fi will be easier to pair with external devices. A new app incorporates all the features previously split across the camera and app. It also gains an auto-share mode to re-connect to your smartphone and copy every shot you take. The NX300 also becomes the first camera to offer dual-channel (2.4/5GHz) Wi-Fi.

The NX300 promises to be more than an NX210 that’s upgraded for smartphone connectivity, says DP Review. Samsung has also launched a 3D-capable version of its 45mm F1.8 NX lens.

The 4G Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Camera (Amazon) is a point and shoot that includes an LTE connectivity. Both AT&T and Verizon are selling it.

Samsung’s other Smart Cameras include WiFi that can be used with Android and IOS smartphones to preview and shoot photos remotely. Polaroid will also unveil a new interchangeable lens camera at CES next week that runs Android.

The $2500 Canon 6D was the first full frame camera to have WiFi built-in.

Interesting photo apps for smartphones include iStopMotion for iPad 2.0 ($9.99) where users can record soundtracks directly in the app before capturing animations, 360 Panorama for iPhone and Android, and many more.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 at 2:19 pm .

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