CES Startup Showcase

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At the CES startup showcase, mobile is taking the center stage, says PC World. It’s a place where startups and market innovators get to display their new products at CES, away from the main exhibition.

says PC World was impressed by these startups:

  • Liquipel. The company’s nano coating, allows phones to be dipped into a tank of water. For $60, the company adds its layer of protection for you.
  • TourWrist is an app that provides 360-degree panoramic views that let you capture and share the whole picture of what’s around you. Look for an Android version of TourWrist to arrive within a month.
  • Leonar3do, a desktop virtual reality kit. That mouse, called the Go Bird, lets you interact, touch, modify, and feel in 3D, while the 3D glasses will also track your head movement.
  • Rednote allows you to send snippets of songs in a text message in order to convey an emotion. You select the clips, which run about 17 seconds, by browsing a mood such as Romance, Happiness, or Fun.
  • Atlas, a scheduling and task-management app can schedule anything with anyone on any platform.
  • Voxeet promises crystal-clear conference calls, either through a PC app or mobile versions available for iOS and Androidsmartphones. It boasts high speaker recognition, visual cues, and immersive sound.
  • Walls360 creates fabric-woven, re-positionable wall graphics and wrappers for gamers.

ReadWrite’s Dan Lyons doesn’t mince words:

I will pretend to give a crap about pixel counts and clock speeds and camera specs. I will feign excitement about a new kind of Wi-Fi and cars that promise to confuse and traumatize drivers by forcing them to use software made by Microsoft.

The four days in Vegas that make you lie awake at night wondering how your life has come to this and why didn’t you just go to medical school like your parents told you to do and what other jobs could you do to make a living that would not involve subjecting yourself to this horror show every January.

Find something awful. Take photos of the awful thing. Send us the photos and a brief note explaining why it deserves to be named the worst product of the show.

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