Car Tech at CES 2013

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While driverless cars are drawing attention at this year’s CES, with Toyota, Audi showing off self-driving cars, the “smart car” is more likely to consist of a “platform + apps + service.” The Connected Car will link cars to entertainment and news as well as provide automatic parking, collision avoidance and even more informative center console gauges.

The technology is now expected on high-end vehicles. But Derek Kuhn, marketing lead of the software firm QNX, said that systems such as those his company makes are trickling down to mid-tier lines.

The QNX CAR application platform is a unique set of pre-integrated and optimized technologies from QNX and dozens of ecosystem partners. Its reference implementations and reskinable HMI allow development teams to rapidly create world-class infotainment systems. Delphi Automotive, a global supplier of automotive electronics, for example, has chosen the QNX CAR application platform 2.0 for use in next-generation infotainment systems.

QNX is working with AT&T to put its natural language program, Watson, into cars, making it easier for drivers to navigate messaging systems. It’s what QNX and others in the industry call “single utterance”: the difference between saying, “Where’s a good Italian restaurant around here?” and having to parse through several levels of a menu to uncover dinner recommendations and directions.

Ford’s Sync is now offered in four editions based on levels of features, bundled services and optional subscription plans as summarized below:

Ford announced a new app developer program for Sync AppLink, along with a host of newly compatible apps. Ford divides compatible apps into three categories: News and Information, Music and Entertainment, and Navigation and Location.

Other Connected Car news at CES:

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