Gilat Does Satellite Cell Backhaul

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Gilat Satellite Networks, a public company headquartered in Israel that develops and sells VSAT satellite ground stations has signed an agreement with Huawei for the delivery of its SkyAbis cellular backhaul solution to a leading Southeast Asian Mobile Operator.

The SkyAbis network will support both 2G and 3G sites as part of a major upgrade to its nationwide cellular infrastructure.

The cellular backhaul solution enables the network operator to save on satellite capacity because the SkyAbis Dynamic Allocation Multiple Access allocate satellite capacity as required. Gilat will supply and install a SkyEdge II hub, their VSATs, and related services. The majority of the sites will replace older SCPC modems that are currently in use.

Gilat installed satellite backhaul on Mt. Everest for Nepal Telecom for toll-quality telephony services, making it the world’s highest ground-based satellite communications network. Gilat integrated its SkyAbis cellular backhaul solution with Huawei’s native IP 3G base stations to enable communications services in remote areas.

O3b is deploying one of the most novel satellite backhaul solutions. It uses medium orbit satellites that orbit around the equator. Their satellites are equipped with steerable antennas, which remain locked onto a fixed location on Earth as the satellite passes overhead. The initial launch of O3b this year includes eight satellites, with 16 additional satellites following within 18 months. The company will work with Gilat and ViaSat to provide VSAT gear. O3b investors include SES, Google, Liberty Global, and HSBC.

O3b Networks and SES last week announced that Digicel will use capacity on SES’ NSS-9 satellite and O3b’s Medium Earth Orbit fleet to provide backhaul for their cellular network in Papua New Guinea. Under that multi-year agreement, the mobile phone network provider will use the C-band capacity on the NSS-9 at 183 degrees East and the O3bTrunk service to deliver cellular voice and data.

Northern Sky Research says the worldwide VSAT, Broadband Satellite, Trunking and Backhaul markets will total $9.1 billion by 2021, as subscribers of satellite broadband Internet access will surpass 5.2 million worldwide in ten years, and the enterprise VSAT installed base will reach almost 2.9 million sites.

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