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NetMotion Wireless yesterday announced a new version of its Locality cellular-network performance management software that supports Android and Windows 8 devices, in addition to providing new LTE network-management functionality.

Locality shows detailed cellular coverage and performance, according to Mark Pendolino, senior marketing communications manager for NetMotion Wireless. NetMotion Wireless partners with “all major US and Canadian wireless carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Wireless and Telus”.

The software can show multiple views, such as the signal strength of various carriers. By zooming in on a particular location you can see specific details of the connection for a particular user at a particular point in time. Over time, the map becomes more accurate and comprehensive, and the data it provides creates troubleshooting opportunities

Locality’s maps provide enterprise users with a visual way of determining when and where they might have coverage problems.

With the release of Locality 1.5, the functionality is available for the first time on Android devices. Locality 1.5 also includes new support for Windows 8, with Apple operating system devices expected to be available in the second or third quarter this year.

Currently, NetMotion has 57 clients using 16,000 Locality licenses, Pendolino told Most licenses belong to users of NetMotion’s Mobility XE mobile VPN solution and are in the government/public-safety sector.

OpenSignal 2 is a free app that uses crowdsourced information to create maps for coverage and speed, while also using a compass-like function to find the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots.

OpenSignal 2 also keeps track of your mobile broadband usage and provides a speed testing feature.

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