Samsung’s Galaxy Camera Compared to Smartphones

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Phone Arena compares Samsung’s Galaxy camera with top cell phones, including the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, iPhone 5, and Nokia 808 PureView.

In order to keep the challenge fair for all devices, they set their resolutions to 8 megapixels for photos and 1080p for videos. All photographs have been taken in automatic mode, or with the least manual adjustments possible.

If turns out that the Samsung Galaxy Camera does not perform that well when it comes to image details or color reproduction, but it’s good indoors and at night. The Samsung Galaxy Camera has a full-fledged optical system that provides a whopping 21x lossless zoom and much more access to manual controls. But they conclude a top-of-the-line smartphone with a high-quality camera, such as the Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, iPhone 5, or the Nokia 808 PureView, should perform at least as good as the Galaxy Camera.

Digital Photography Review says the Galaxy Camera uses a lens and sensor from Samsung’s Wi-Fi enabled WB850F camera while most of the device’s other key specifications are in line with the Galaxy S3. A 1.4GHz quad-core processor and Android 4.1 ‘Jelly Bean’ run the wireless camera, which can include LTE and download apps from Google’s App Store.

The compact superzoom camera has a 23mm wideangle, 21x zoom lens and pop-up flash that offers the ability to edit images on the go, share them wirelessly via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data connectivity and install a plethora of apps from the Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, GorillaCam 2.0 adds iOS 6 compatibility and new features and comes with a brand new GUI. The Time Delay, Rapid-Fire Shooting and Bubble Level features have all been upgraded. It is a free app available on the iTunes App Store.

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