Apple: $8B to Developers

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Apple CEO Tim Cook today announced that Apple had paid out $8B to developers during the last quarter, an increase of $1B since the last time numbers were announced on January 13th.

Back in October of last year, Apple announced $6.5B had been paid out to developers, which means that the January numbers marked an increase of just 500M. The holiday season payout likely drove the doubling of the numbers to a $1B jump this month, as owners of new iPads and iPhones jumped onto the store to purchase apps.

Apple’s App Store crossed the 775,000 app mark in December, with a good chunk of those designed for the iPad. Cook noted the number of iPad apps on the store as a clear differentiator for the company in the tablet race, calling Apple the ‘poster child of the post-PC revolution.

The numbers between Google’s App Store and Apple’s App Store are reaching parity, with iOS announcing 775,000 apps and Android close behind with between 625,000 and 750,000 depending on the source, but there is a preponderance of free apps on Google Play which rely on advertising.

Developers generally make more with Apple, but Android devices now outnumber Apple devices and the numbers are likely to increase over time. According to Strategy Analytics that measure global smartphone shipments and marketshare, iOS and Android together accounted for 92 percent of all shipments for the fourth quarter of 2012.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 at 11:01 am .

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