Ericsson: Big Guns in Barcelona

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Ahead of Mobile World Congress (MWC), Ericsson AB unveiled this week a broad range of product and service enhancements focused on network efficiency. Light Reading says among the more interesting are Ericsson’s carrier cloud and network virtualization. The company’s new Cloud System aims to enable the distribution of cloud service capabilities throughout a service provider’s network.

Ericsson has announced an updated version of its Antenna Integrated Radio product, LTE voice/VoLTE applications, new microwave backhaul, managed and professional services, and a new content delivery network (CDN) solution.

Some of those announcements include:

Ericsson will demonstrate the world’s first LTE FDD to LTE TDD voice call (VoLTE) with China Mobile, ST-Ericsson and device partner Renesas Mobile. These demonstrations will show that voice services can also be efficiently added to the LTE TDD offering.

Ericsson will also showcase the world’s smallest 8 x 8 MIMO active antenna system. Ericsson says the small cell active antenna system design provides up to 1 Gbps data speeds and will make 8 x 8 MIMO deployment more practical and cost-effective.

As part of its cloud services enablement, Light Reading says Ericsson is developing its own Software Defined Networking (SDN) controller, based on the OpenFlow protocol, and plans to show off two SDN applications. The company says it will be the end of the year before it has any SDN capabilities commercially available.

The mobile broadband market is valued at USD 1 trillion, according to a report by Yankee Group. By the end of 2013, Yankee Group forecasts 114 million active LTE connections globally, increasing to 258 million by the end of 2014.

But the global mobile voice and messaging market will decline, says Yankee Group, from U.S.$758 billion in 2012 to U.S.$746 billion in 2013, representing a reduction of almost U.S.$1 billion per month throughout the year.

The Mobile World Congress in Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain, starts on Monday, February 25 and will run until February 28. It’s the telecommunications industry’s most important trade show.

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