Netgear Partners for Small Cell & Relay Nodes

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NETGEAR announced today that it has teamed up with Global Wireless Technologies, which specializes in relay and small cell technology to enhance NETGEAR’s WiFi capabilities with the addition of relay and small cell technologies for voice and data. NETGEAR will be showcasing its solutions at Mobile World Congress next week.

Mobile relays provide a simplified solution to coverage problems, boosting 3G/4G coverage and capacity. NETGEAR and GWT’s design is said to avoid noise degradation to macro networks while increasing throughput and coverage. It is said to be easy-to-install, reliable and will improve mobile coverage for service providers.

“Service providers will be able to offer their customers better, more reliable mobile broadband coverage and capacity than ever before. We’re excited to team up with GWT and look forward to the roll out of enhanced solutions in 2013,” said Robert Mackinnon , NETGEAR product line manager for mobile broadband.

Relay nodes are small and easy to install, requiring no separate backhaul. A relay will receive, demodulate, apply any error correction, then re-transmit a new signal. In this way, the signal quality is enhanced, rather than suffering degradation from a reduced signal to noise ratio when using a repeater.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 at 10:44 am .

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