Nvidia Announces Tegra 4i Chip

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Today, NVIDIA announced the first NVIDIA SoC with an integrated digital baseband modem. The Tegra 4i integrates the Icera i500 modem on-die, hence i for Icera. NVIDIA says the chip won’t be available for a year. It will support 8 primary bands and both 2×2 MIMO and 4×4 MIMO transmission modes on LTE.

Anantech has a bunch of information about this SoC. It’s the result of NVIDIA’s acquisition of soft-modem manufacturer Icera. NVidia says the Tegra 4i features five times the number of GPU cores of Tegra 3 for high-quality, console-quality gaming experiences and full 1080p HD displays.

Functionally Tegra 4i is more like an upgraded Tegra 3 than a Tegra 4. It uses the less sophisticated Cortex A9s rather than the Cortex A-15 of the currently available Tegra 4. Tegra 4i is aimed more at the smartphone market while the non-integrated Tegra 4 aims at tablets or other platforms with a higher power budget and greater performance demands.

NVIDIA expects the first Tegra 4i designs to begin shipping at the end of 2013, with most devices appearing in Q1 of 2014.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 at 9:37 am .

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