FCC May Investigate Unlocking Ban

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Tech Crunch reports that the Federal Communications Commission will investigate whether the ban is harmful to economic competitiveness and if the executive branch has any authority to change the law.

The “ban raises competition concerns; it raises innovation concerns,” FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski told me last night at a TechCrunch CrunchGov event at our San Francisco headquarters.

Genachowski isn’t sure what authority he has, but if he finds any, given the tone of the conversation, it’s likely he will exert his influence to reverse the decision. “It’s something that we will look at at the FCC to see if we can and should enable consumers to use unlocked phones.”

The unlocking petition hits its 100K goal last week.

It calls for Obama to pressure the US Library of Congress to double back on its controversial removal of unlocking from a list of Digital Millenium Copyright Act exceptions. As a result of the change, using your cellphone on any other carrier than where you bought it is now considered illegal if you haven’t obtained the proper consent.

Mashable goes Inside the Fight to Legalize Cellphone Unlocking.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Friday, March 1st, 2013 at 6:59 am .

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