Aerohive Expands WiFi Cloud Management

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Aerohive Networks, a leader in controller-less Wi-Fi and cloud-enabled enterprise networking, has expanded its cloud networking solutions with the new SR-series switches, HiveManager 6.0 network management system, and HiveOS 6.0 network operating system. The new SR switches combine cloud-management, on-demand provisioning and secure branch routing for the enterprise.

AeroHive says these new SR-series switches, combined with Aerohive’s cloud-managed, cooperative APs, and the new HiveManager and HiveOS 6.0 create a complete, unified access solution for the “mobile first” enterprise.

The cool thing about Aerohive’s controller-less WiFi is that traffic does not all have to flow into and out of a controller. The Access Points can allow traffic to flow directly from one AP to another, reducing congestion and lowering cost. There’s also not a single point of failure.

Aerohive’s target market is education, healthcare and enterprise.

Aerohive says their new HiveManager and HiveOS 6.0 add a new customizable analytics dashboard and control over policy enforcement. This upgrade leapfrogs traditional networking solutions and allows organizations to fine-tune mobile device security and manageability.

HiveOS and HiveManager 6.0 are available March 2013 as a free upgrade for existing customers with support contracts.

The SR2024, a wired Gigabit Ethernet switch, is available March 2013 starting at $1799 US list. The SR2124P and SR2148P will be available mid-2013.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 at 10:32 am .

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