Android Chief Ruben Moves On

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In a surprising move announced Wednesday, Google Android chief Andy Rubin is stepping down in his current position as the head of Google’s Android team.

Rubin, however, will remain with Google, embracing hush-hush new responsibilities only referred to as the next chapter in Google’s evolution.

Confirmation of Rubin’s move came from Google Chief Executive Larry Page in a post on the company’s official blog. Pichai will take on leading Android in addition to his existing duties spearheading efforts with Chrome and Apps, which indicates a move to unify all these platforms, notes TechCrunch.

ABI reported this week that tablets will account for 35% of this year’s expected $25 billion in mobile apps revenue – $8.8 billion. While this is still only about half of the $16.4 billion that will be generated from smartphones this year, tablet app revenue is expected to match that of smartphones by 2017 and surpass them by 2018, according to ABI. The firm expects app revenue for both smartphones and tablets to reach $92 billion in five years.

Of the $25 billion dollar revnues expected for 2013, about 65% will come from devices running Apple’s iOS, 27% from Android devices, and another 8% from other mobile platforms.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 at 12:07 pm .

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