Cloud4Wi: Cloud-Managed, Geo-enabled Hotspots

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Hi Sam,

how are you? I hope fine.

I am contacting you in order to introduce Cloud4Wi that, enabling next generation managed Wi-Fi hotspot services. Thus, it not only offers Internet access, but provides also geo web apps and active contents, as well as creates new revenue streams.

Cloud4Wi is the market place for web apps tailored to the Wi-Fi, capable of enhancing the end-user experience thanks to innovative application services and providing effective business tools to Wi-Fi hotspot services managers.

Cloud4Wi unleashes various business models and scenarios thanks the multi-level approach. Thus, Wi-Fi hotspot services managers can define and customize their own managed Wi-Fi hotspot services with the maximum flexibility.

Cloud4Wi is a vendor agnostic solution fully integrated with the most popular vendors of access and network devices, and firmware (e.g. Buffalo Technology, Power Cloud Systems, Meraki, Ruckus Wireless, Cisco, Tanaza, Deliberant, Nomadix, Aruba, Meru Networks, Coova Chili, Chillispot, DD-WRT, OpenWrt, Tanaza, Aerohive, HP, Juniper Networks, Opemesh). This ensures the maximum flexibility in the selection of Wi-Fi vendors with a considerable reduction of up-front investments and operational costs.

We believe we are working a unique approach that will permit all ISP/WISP, System Integrators and IT Companies to redesign the hotspot concept and ist business modell.

For your info WiTech thanks to Cloud4Wi is RedHerring Europe Top 100 and we working on worldwide footprint to support ISP/WISP market.

I appreciate a lot if you can consider our solution as new challenge in the market that can support the next step of wifi services.

I would like your post on Daily Wireless about “the next gen of public wifi” …. that consider Clou4Wi a pioneer of new approach …..

Please let me know what you think about it and cloud4wi?

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Hi Andrea:

Thanks for the heads up. Consider it done. Could you explain a little bit more how Clou4Wi incorporates geo web apps and how your product might differ from other cloud-managed WiFi services such as Tanaza or Power Cloud Systems?

Best Regards.

– Sam

Hi Sam,

firstly thanks a lot for your prompt response

Please find below the clarifications to your questions.

1) How Cloud4Wi incorporates geo web apps

Some web apps are published directly on the splash portal and leading page in order to enhance end-user experience (e.g. spot news, around you, couponing, instant win, chat etc.), whereas other ones and business tools can be used by the Wi-Fi hotspot service provider and location owner through the control panel in order to monetize the Wi-Fi network (e.g. direct marketing, geo-targeting, click counting, etc.).

2) How Cloud4Wi might differ from other cloud-managed WiFi services such as Tanaza or Power Cloud Systems

Whilst Tanaza and Power Cloud Systems speed up the delivery and provisioning phases of a new Wi-Fi hotspot (avoiding the expensive one-by-one pre-configuration of an access point), Cloud4Wi is an application layer with cloud hotspot controller that enables next generation fully customizable services through the Wi-Fi network thanks to active contents, web apps, business tools.

Finally, you can find more info about web apps on Cloud4Wi web site web apps section (, as well as you can watch some videos on our Youtube channel (
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