MetroPCS Offers GSM BYO Phone Service

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MetroPCS today launched a bring-your-own-device service that supports GSM-based Android phones, as well as some Apple iPhones and Windows phones. T-Mobile plans to supplement MetroPCS’ CDMA and LTE networks with its own GSM-based network.

Users will be able to choose from among MetroPCS’ $40, $50 and $60 per month prepaid plans. The program essentially allows MetroPCS stores to activate devices onto T-Mobile’s GSM-based network.

Like T-Mobile itself, MetroPCS can now offer its plans to customers with unlocked GSM phones. Currently it’s only available in Boston, Dallas, Hartford and Las Vegas and the carrier’s official support is limited to Android, iPhone and Windows Phone devices.

T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plan provides an unlimited 4G Data option, and uses your unlocked GSM phone (including any AT&T iPhone) on their Nationwide 4G network.

T-Mobile USA merged its GSM based network with the CDMA based MetroPCS earlier this year, uniting the two wireless companies. Combining the two companies’ spectrum provided a path to at least 20+20 MHz of 4G LTE in approximately 90% of the top 25 metro areas in 2014 and beyond. The MetroPCS CDMA service is being phased out in lieu of GSM and LTE. T-Mobile and MetroPCS currently serve approximately 43 million wireless subscribers.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan is available with no annual contract, for $70 per month, online at, and at T-Mobile retail stores or through select dealers and national retail stores.

T-Mobile’s prepaid plans don’t offer data-only but does offer a $30/mo 5GB HSPA+ prepaid service with 100 minutes of talk time. Walmart’s Straight Talk plan, at $45/mo, is pretty hard to beat if you need more talk time.

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