Dailywireless is on holiday this week! Sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re moving the World Headquarters office closer to The Columbia River. Plan to do some fishing, too. We’ll be back next week.

Wish you a great summer holiday, too!

– Sam Churchill

2 Responses to “Gone Fishing”

Have a great vacation!
I really appreciate the information you summarize on this website.
As a verteran of the industry I find what you do very helpful and your website is efficient for me to use in keeping up with industry news. I frequently forward links to your articles to collegues and get great feedback from them as well.

Take care.
Brian Castleman
Senior Manager Engineering Operations Support
T-Mobile South Region
Frisco, TX

Thanks, Brian! Those encouraging words make all the difference, especially when the call of “retirement” is in the air!

– Sam

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