China Mobile Moves on TD-LTE

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Digitimes reports Nokia Siemens Networks has offered the lowest prices in a bid to supply 207,000 TD-LTE base stations to China Mobile, according to China-based

Nokia Siemens’ quotes were lower than those by China-based suppliers including Huawei and ZTE, the report said.

NSN’s TD-LTE solution includes a high capacity Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station (above) built with broad range of radio options.

Nokia Siemens has won eleven TD-LTE contracts (eight of which have been commercially launched), including the first 4G/TD-LTE network in Latin America, the first TD-LTE network in Russia and the first TD-LTE network in Saudi Arabia.

Digitimes also reports that China Mobile, the largest mobile operator on the planet, has procured around 200,000 TD-LTE terminal devices from a number of local and international suppliers,

The procurement includes 150,000 MiFi wireless routers from Huawei, ZTE, Nationz Technologies, Datang, UTStarcom, and others.

Huawei, CSMC, UTStarcom, and Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell will provide 30,000 dongles, and Huawei, ZTE, and CSMC will provide around 20,000 home-use CPE devices reports the Taiwan news source, while China Mobile has also procured a number of TD-LTE smartphones from Huawei, ZTE, Samsung, Beijing Beny Wave Technology, Coolpad, and Sony.

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