Transoceanic Fiber Upgraded

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The Southern Cross Trans-Pacific submarine cable network, which connects Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii and the west coast of the U.S., has completed the deployment of Ciena’s 100G transmission equipment across its entire network.

The 100G upgrade brings total lit capacity across the two cables to 2.6 Tbps. If deployed on all Southern Cross fibres, along with gridless optical networking, the potential capacity capability increases to 12 Tbps, between Australia/New Zealand and the USA, reports the company.

Reliance Globalcom, a global provider of multinational carriers, is also upgrading its trans-Atlantic FA-1 South submarine network with Ciena’s GeoMesh solution. It will allow Reliance Globalcom to provide 100GbE services between continental points of presence.

For a complete (and interactive) view of the world’s 188 planned and active submarine cables, check out Greg’s Cable Map or TeleGeography.

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