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The Super Wi-Fi & Shared Spectrum Summit, in Las Vegas August 27 – 29, is bringing some of the industry’s leading experts in White Spaces and spectrum innovation.

White Spaces, the unused spectrum, largely in the television band, has the advantage by propagating through buildings, trees, and rough terrain. Unlicensed WS radios may be ideal for point to multipoint radio solutions such as public safety, water & sewer, and electric smart grid controls, as well as offering an inexpensive solution for rural broadband access.

White spaces trials have accelerated around the world, with equipment vendors and database providers currently working on trials in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Super Wi-Fi is a term coined by the FCC, although the technology has little in common with ordinary WiFi.

The conference proceedings will discuss results of the trials, the vendors involved, future trials and the impact on commercialization, along with White Spaces standarization and various radio implementations.

You will also hear about the TV Incentive Auction proceeding, the status of the auction and the 3.5GHz docket; how spectrum sharing be implemented and if mobile carriers will obtain an exclusive license. The 5GHZ docket discussion will discuss status of ITS information transportation system and spectrum sharing.

The first commercial White Spaces network in the U.S. launched in January, 2012, in North Carolina using a 1.5-lb radio from Florida-based KTS Wireless.

Cognitive radio chips are used by the two major white space standards groups; IEEE 802.11af and IEEE 802.22. The maximum possible data rate per 6-MHz channel ranges from 18 to 22 Mbits/s. The 802.22 spec was designed for fixed rural use, operating on 6 MHz wide channels. In contrast, the 802.11af standard can aggregate channels into 5, 10, and 20 MHz bandwidths, and is designed for both mobile and fixed devices.

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