AT&T’s prepaid AIO wireless brand, currently being sued by T-Mobile for use of the color magenta, will be available to all customers nationwide in September.

Currently the AT&T branded prepaid service is only made available in Florida, Texas, Metro-Atlanta, and Chicago. Now AT&T is taking it nationwide.

No-contract service cost between $40 and $70, and AT&T says they’re giving away a free month of usage if users sign up before September 29.

Prepaid Reviews points out that AIO is a company-owned brand, much like T-Mobile owns GoSmart Wireless, which offers a $35 monthly plan.

Aio will offer LTE along with a new handset, the ZTE Overture, a 4-inch device that runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

One Response to “AT&T Prepaid Going Nationwide”

The GoSmart $35 plan is throttled to Edge speeds and the $45 plan is throttled to 1mbps.

AIO throttles HSPA+ phones to 4mbps and LTE phones to 8mbps. That’s written right into their T&C though some users are reporting better speeds.

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