MoPub Ad Network Bought by Twitter

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Twitter announced today that they’ve acquires MoPub, a mobile-focused advertising exchange. MoPub’s technology lets publishers manage and optimize advertising — using direct ads, house ads, ad networks, and real-time bidding through the MoPub Marketplace. It features a dashboard where customers can see how each source is performing.

Their publishing partners include mobile industry verticals in Gaming, News, Sports, Finance etc. MoPub automates the prioritization process based on its own data and the data it has acquired from various networks, so that it can predict the likely CPM, clickthrough rate, latency, and more on a given ad.

Ad serving companies provide software that serves and targets ads and enables the website and advertiser to make the most money.

With the world moving to mobile devices, “newspaper” startups are best positioned to abandon the costly print overhead.

Here’s what I’d do:

  • All electronic. News startups must be designed around tablets and phones. Like CNN networked around the state or region.
  • Free. Mass marketing must be available free – like TV and Radio. Ad revenue supplies (most) of the revenue.
  • Live Events. Segways, bikes and backpacks provide live event coverage. Virtually all stories have video embeds and slide shows.

  • Mall Office. The office and staff are small. Most correspondents work from home and communicate with editors using the teleconference/blogging system.
  • Facebook and Twitter stimulate buzz and enable citizen journalism.
  • A daily package of proven audience getters such as; crosswords, comics, astrology, as well as dozens of opinionated columnists.
  • Free public WiFi hotspots in parks, bus kiosks and local events.
  • Video Classifieds. BrandLive lets you broadcast shared live video pitches and demos statewide. A state-wide Saturday Market.
  • Advertisers use the Ad Exchange to target ads, using Behavioral Targeting and Contextual Targeting to determine which ad to show during a given visit.
  • Revenue. Lets say you have 1 million pageviews/month and make $100K/month from advertising. Could that pay the bills? You could start at 1/10th that and scale up. Premium content and affiliated marketing might drive the train.

Bust the old paradigm. Burn the paper. This revolution is real and it’s happening now.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Tuesday, September 10th, 2013 at 7:13 am .

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