Ofcom Announces White Space Partnerships

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UK regulator Ofcom has announced participants for its “white space” trials, including Microsoft, Google, Click4Internet and British Telecom.

Click4internet will assess rural broadband while Microsoft will test services to backhaul free WiFi in Glasgow. BT and Neul will work with the Department for Transport to test enhancement of traffic information, probably using their Weightless M2M protocol.

White space-enabled devices would need to connect to a database to find out where spectrum is available in the local area. Google, Nominet, LS telcom, iconectiv, Key Bridge, Fairspectrum and Spectrum Bridge have expressed interest in testing that aspect.

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, says Ofcom, which will be used to link devices together over the internet. BT expects to shave £13 million a year off its energy bills, and reduce its carbon footprint by five per cent, by introducing smart meters and a smart energy management

Ofcom plans to focus its efforts over the next ten years. Those include:

  • Mobile and wireless data demands;
  • Managing the bands used for digital terrestrial TV (DTT) to release more spectrum for mobile broadband after 2018
  • Special Events use of spectrum.

Ofcom wants to launch white space services next year. The amount of white space available in the UK varies by location, the power level of devices and the point in the day at which they access spectrum.

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance is an international organization that promotes regulatory policies that enable innovative new wireless technologies for mobile data and digital divide challenges.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 at 7:20 am .

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