Jeff Bezos created some buzz for Amazon with his “60 Minutes” segment highlighted with Amazon Prime Air, an 8-propeller drone that will carry packages from the company’s fulfillment centers to customers’ doorsteps within 30 minutes of order placement.

Amazon’s warehouses are currently too far from customers to make same-day drone delivery feasible. But C/Net’s Dan Faber thinks Amazon may be on to something big:

For example, a Kindle Drone the size of a baseball and loaded with sensors and a camera could act as sentinel, roaming the house sniffing for trouble and sending data and imagery when necessary to alert the owner. The same drone outfitted with a simple robotic attachment could be used to retrieve objects, intersecting with the Internet of Things and beacons. If you leave your phone in the bedroom, just say, “OK Kindle, bring me my phone.” Or it could deliver cupcakes or old-fashioned magazines to the neighbor down the street.

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