AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon Wireless have agreed to adopt a voluntary set of six principles for unlocking mobile phones and tablets.

Unlocking cell phones allows handsets to be used on other wireless carriers. Once the customer’s phone has been paid off or the contract has been fulfilled, wireless carriers have agreed to unlock them.

The CTIA’s (voluntary) Key principles of Unlocking are:

  1. Disclosure of unlocking policies to consumers. Carriers agree to make their policies on postpaid and prepaid unlocking of mobile devices easy to understand and accessible.
  2. Postpaid Unlocking. Upon request, carriers will unlock mobile wireless mobile devices or provide information to consumers to unlock their devices.
  3. Prepaid unlocking policy. Carriers, upon request, will unlock prepaid mobile wireless devices no later than one year after initial activation, consistent with reasonable time, payment or usage requirements.
  4. Notice. Carriers that lock devices will clearly notify customers that their devices are eligible for unlocking at the time when their devices are eligible for unlocking or automatically unlock devices remotely without additional fee. Carriers reserve the right to charge non-customers or former-customers a reasonable fee for unlocking requests.
  5. Response time. Carrier will unlock eligible mobile devices within two business days of receiving a request.
  6. Deployed personnel unlocking policy. Carriers will unlock wireless devices for deployed military personnel who are customers in good standing.

Carriers allowed for cell phone unlocking in the past; but earlier this year the process became illegal, explains C/Net, after the Library of Congress opted not to renew an exemption in the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The CTIA expects carriers will “move quickly to implement these principles, committing to implement three of these principles within three months and the remainder within 12 months.”

One Response to “Carriers Agree to Unlocking Principles”

Agree to disagree with the carriers. This is a poorly proposed set of policy.

Unlocked phones, period. PERIOD! Are you listening to me? Unlockapedia says that I can unlock 9 out of 10 phones without the carrier “helping me” or waiting 48 hours for what can be done in 10 minutes.

Personally, I refuse to buy a phone in the US or from a US company — let alone a US carrier. I know that I have to use an MVNO but now I’m opting for something completely different: a world SIM that can be used in 160 countries. RoamSimple looks to be the best.

Next up for the carriers: No Apple or Samsung elitest price fixing or garden walling. Verizon doesn’t support the Samsung Galaxy or HTC One Google Play Edition devices, nor do they support the N4/N5/N7/etc — probably because of some “deal” they made with Apple.

This issue is not just about UNLOCKING — it’s also about PHONE PORTABILITY between carriers.

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