Intel Announces RealSense 3D camera

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At Intel’s press event at CES today, the company introduced RealSense, a 3D camera that “makes interaction with technology simple, more natural and immersive.”

The RealSense 3D camera is “the world’s first integrated 3D depth and 2D camera module that helps devices ‘see’ depth much like the human eye.”

The camera is set to be integrated into a number of devices in the second half of this year, including tablets, Ultrabooks, notebooks and all-in-ones, from top companies like Acer, ASUS, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo and NEC. Seven such devices were demonstrated today.

The camera does full-color 1080p and on-board sensing for gesture and face detection. It recognizes foregrounds and backgrounds, scans objects in 3D. It recognizes gestures so you can sculpt 3D objects using your hands

It appears to be aimed at a similar market segment to the Microsoft Kinect, Playstation EyeToy or the Leap Motion motion sensor.

Intel says that 3D Systems, Autodesk, DreamWorks, Metaio, Scholastic, and even Microsoft’s Skype and Lync video conferencing services will use the technology.

3D Systems, one of the largest 3D printer companies in the U.S., revealed today its newest 3D personal printer: the Cube 3. It also introduced the Cube Pro, a new option for more demanding users. It features an auto-leveling print bed, which is a much-needed feature in beginner-oriented 3D printers and will retail for less than $1,000.

3D Systems will collaborate with Intel to mainstream 3D scanning and 3D printing. 3DS will make available its consumer Sense scanning, editing and 3D printing software applications for Intel-powered Ultrabook, 2 in 1, AIO and tablet devices equipped with the new Intel 3D camera during the second half of 2014.

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