Joe Clayton: Dish Needs Wireless

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Joseph Clayton, President & CEO of Dish Network, sat down with Steve Donohue, editor of FierceCable at CES. The former Sirius XM chairman offers his thoughts on pay TV consolidation, CES, and 4K Ultra HD TV, Dish’s broadband wireless and over-the-top video ambitions (Fierce Cable interview).

Clayton: I think all pay TV providers are interested in it [Internet video], because it’s a part of the market segment, from [ages] 25 to 35, that none of us address today as an industry.

These younger folks are not going to pay $100 a month for their content. They may pay $20 or $30. They’re not going to watch going to watch 250 channels a year. They may watch 20 or 30, if that. And they’re not going to watch it on a 60-inch, flat panel display. They’re going to watch it on their smartphone or tablet or their PC.

The programmers have to be willing to offer their content at probably a less price than they do today for linear TV, and they’re concerned because that’ll cannibalize their existing pay TV business. That is the conundrum.

FierceCable: Can Dish compete in the long run with other pay TV providers if you don’t have a broadband wireless product?

Clayton: Well, we better, otherwise we’ll be gone. That’s one of the reasons that accumulating wireless spectrum is so important to us. That gives us the bandwidth. The bandwidth gives us the capability to compete.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Monday, January 13th, 2014 at 10:29 am .

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