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Internet of Things in Barcelona

Posted by Sam Churchill on February 27th, 2014

At MWC, the Internet of Things was on display though networked wearables, car infotainment, home monitoring and devices of all sorts. The Internet of Things (Machine2Machine) connects devices over mobile networks, enabling the management of a wide range of new goods and services. In January Google announced it would pay more than $3 billion for […]

Global LTE Forecasts

Posted by Sam Churchill on February 27th, 2014

Worldwide LTE-related subscriptions reached 229.7 million in 2013, and will continually grow at a CAGR of 43.6% between 2013 and 2019, to exceed 2 billion, according to ABI’s latest research. By the end of 2013, LTE-TDD subscribers accounted for 5% of the LTE market, with 94.2% using Frequency Division LTE (LTE-FDD). ÔÇťAmong the LTE subscription […]

India: We Need a $100 LTE Phone

Posted by Sam Churchill on February 27th, 2014

The Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) held an International Summit at Mobile World Congress (MWC) this week. The organization advocates cooperation among global operators around TD-LTE and the coexistence of TD-LTE and LTE FDD standards. TDD spectrum resources are available in many countries, mainly in the 2.3 and 2.6 gigahertz bands. China Mobile plans to install […]

NFC at MWC 2014

Posted by Sam Churchill on February 27th, 2014

The NFC Experience, exhibited a new services and NFC-enabled devices at Mobile World Congress this week. Near Field Communications was featured in many new products including phones, readers and services. NFC enables contactless financial transactions and data exchange over a very short range. Communication is also possible between an NFC device and an unpowered NFC […]

Mountain View Gets Google WiFi Upgrade

Posted by Sam Churchill on February 26th, 2014

Google’s WiFi network in Mountain View, California is set to be replaced with one that is smaller but more capable, reports the Mercury News. The Google Wi-Fi network was first launched in August 2006 and became one of the first free, public Wi-Fi networks in the U.S. Some 380 access points, all supplied by Tropos […]

Firefox: The $25 Smartphone is Real

Posted by Sam Churchill on February 26th, 2014

Spreadtrum Communications, China’s leading mobile chip supplier, and Mozilla, the Firefox’s OS designer, have teamed up to create a $25 smartphone — its startling low cost enabled by web technologies. Spreadtrum unveiled the SC6821 WCDMA smartphone chipset at Mobile World Congress that, they say, will enable $25 smartphones. The two companies have completed the integration […]