Hashtags Dominate Superbowl

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Hashtags were used in 57 percent of nationally-run Super Bowl ads, up from 50% in 2013, reports Danny Sulivan’s Marketing Land. Facebook was the social network most mentioned, though barely. It had only five mentions and just edged past Twitter with four.

They only counted ads shown nationally, and only ads from after the kick-off until the game was over.

The Count:

  • Hashtags: 31 total, 57% of ads overall
  • Facebook: 5 total, 9% of ads overall
  • Twitter: 4 total, 7% of ads overall
  • YouTube: 3 total, 6% of ads overall
  • Shazam: 2 total, 4% of ads overall
  • URLs: 22 total, 41% of ads overall

All the major social networks now support hashtags, including Facebook. However, it still seems likely that hashtag use was especially designed to drive real-time discussion on Twitter.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Monday, February 3rd, 2014 at 9:08 am .

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