Glass App: Facial Recognition?

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A Google Glass app called Refresh, which launched Thursday, pulls together insta-dossiers on people using data from LinkedIn, Facebook, Foursquare, Yahoo and AngelList, notes TechFlash. It will check your calendar, see who you’re meeting with, then brief you on selected facts about those people.

The Refresh app shows you shared contacts, relevant status updates, interests and achievements, updating users on the people they meet, without having to check a smartphones. It is already available on the iPhone.

Co-founder Bhavin Shah told VentureBeat that the functionality of Google Glass makes it a natural fit for the app.

“We wanted Refresh to feel like a diplomatic attaché whispering in your ear,” he said. “Glass can help us realize our vision because the tech gets out of the way.”

Senator Al Franken has asked Google Glass developers to limit scope of facial recognition.

Franken published an open letter to the makers of NameTag, an app meant to match people’s faces with photos from social media accounts. “Unlike other biometric identifiers such as iris scans and fingerprints, facial recognition is designed to operate at a distance, without the knowledge or consent of the person being identified,” he wrote. “Individuals cannot reasonably prevent themselves from being identified by cameras that could be anywhere.”

The NYPD is testing Google Glass.

Because of Google’s across-the-board ban on facial recognition, NameTag isn’t an officially sanctioned Google Glass app. Nonetheless, it’s currently available in beta.

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