Verizon Discounts Family Plan

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Verizon Wireless today introduced its “More Everything Plan“, which brings price cuts, more data, and a some freebies. While the discounts are welcome to existing Verizon users, its rivals still offer more competitive plans, notes C/Net.

The new plans mainly benefit people who have subscribed to Verizon’s Edge program, which offers a quicker path to upgrading to a new smartphone. Edge subscribers with data plans of eight gigabytes or less will get $10 off their monthly plans. Customers who choose plans of 10 gigabytes or more get $20 off — a discount meant to attract families.

This month AT&T lowered the cost of its family plans and Sprint announced their Framily Plan which lets you add up to 10 phone lines. The accounts can be billed separately and customers can choose who is in their group.

Last month T-Mobile said it would pay people hundreds of dollars to cover termination fees when they leave their carriers for T-Mobile.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Thursday, February 13th, 2014 at 2:41 pm .

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