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GSMA will showcase the Connected City at Mobile World Congress with partners, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, KT and Vodafone. Solutions from Accenture, Ericsson, General Motors, IBM, Huawei, Samsung and Synchronoss Technologies will also be shown.

Synchronoss Personal Cloud is an industry-leading white-labeled personal cloud solution. It claims to enable any device to simply and quickly activate on the network, providing subscribers with storage and sync capabilities.

AT&T’s Digital Life is an all-IP, all-wireless platform solution that employs AT&T’s software-as-a-service model to deliver turnkey capabilities to Service Providers.

Other Mobile applications include:

  • Smart Sensing Shirts with a team of connected basketball players wearing the smart sensing sportswear to monitor and optimise performance.
  • Connected Cars – Explore the possibilities of automotive services through the use of augmented reality. Clear Channel will showcase its iHeartRadio app inside the connect car display.
  • Security including lock your house, opening car doors, and entering office buildings.
  • Home control and monitoring enabling your alarm system, thermostat and security cameras to work together.
  • Healthcare to improve patient follow up as well as enable monitoring devices and video calls.
  • NFC – highlighting applications in payment, retail, transport, mobile identity and access.

Korea Telecom’s NFC Media Pole combines NFC with digital signage to provide videos, coupons, tickets, music and advertisements on NFC enabled smartphones. There will be 65 KT NFC Media Poles deployed at MWC 2014 on the Fira Gran Via.

Vodafone will demonstrate remotely controlled street lighting and water storage monitoring, among other functions enabled by the Smart City.

Visitors at MWC will be able to place food orders and make payments using a mobile app, and check in to restaurants via NFC or QR or collect their meal from a dedicated pick-up point.

AT&T, Cisco and Accuris Networks will provide Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi connectivity along with major carriers as soon as people walk through the conference doors.

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