Cortana: Coming to Windows Phone

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Microsoft’s Windows Phone personal assistant, called Cortana, is a mashup combining Siri and Google Now.

Cortana is an AI character in the Halo video game series. The intelligent software will be able to scan your email to provide useful, contextual information.

The software could debut or be introduced and demonstrated at Microsoft’s Build developer event next month.

The Verge says Cortana will replace Bing search on Windows Phone and it will save information it learns in a Notebook.

This is similar to Google Now, which can monitor data such as package tracking, upcoming events and travel details.

Cortana can be trained to call you whatever you wish, making for more personal conversations.

IBM kicked off a Watson Mobile Developer Challenge at Mobile World Congress.

Watson can read and understand natural language. The newly formed IBM Watson Group aims to encourage developers to spread cognitive computing apps into the marketplace.

The global challenge invites mobile developers to share their best ideas and build mobile prototypes.

IBM says the uses of Watson are nearly infinite. Its capacity for augmenting human intelligence and understand our world can make critical decisions is reshaping whole industries—from healthcare and banking to travel and retailing.

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