Aruba Promotes All Wireless Workplace

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Enterprise Wi-Fi supplier Aruba Networks today unveiled a new Wi-Fi architecture called Mobility-Defined Networks, which it claims will help businesses cut their wires completely and enable the move to an all-wireless workplace.

Several of the software improvements — all free to existing customers — are designed to help IT managers optimize their oversight of Wi-Fi networks. All Aruba access points offer Adaptive Radio Management, integrated security, spectrum analysis and mesh features for campus-wide deployment.

Aruba’s strength is the ability to maximize the network with security for every device and every application.

Aruba’s architecture is actually a set of software tools for its existing access point and network controller hardware.

Aruba’s Clearpass is an auto sign-on that lets an employee use their Wi-Fi login to connect to the local network and automatically log into corporate applications. Instead of a single sign-on, which requires everyone to login manually, ClearPass with Auto Sign-On remembers your network login and automatically authenticates users.

ClientMatch is aware of every device connected to every AP and directs each one to a specific AP based on its connection needs.

Aruba AppRF continuously evaluates mobile app usage and performance and makes configuration adjustments in real-time. AirWave VisualRF lets you see wireless coverage as well as how devices and apps are performing on the network.

Devices connected to the network can share media over Wi-Fi, share their screens and stream media to one another.

Unlike its main enterprise competitor Cisco Systems, Aruba is a wireless-only shop, using wireless controllers to coordinate activity.

Vendors in the enterprise WiFi space include Aruba, Aerohive, Brocade, Cisco, Enterasys, Extreme, Juniper, Meru, Ruckus, Ubiquiti, Xirrus, and others.

Infonetics says almost 200,000 802.11ac access points shipped in 4Q13, a much faster ramp than 802.11n, thanks in part to the relatively small price premium of .11ac products. Notable market share gainers are Aerohive and Ubiquiti, who grew at 4 and 5 times the market in 2013, respectively, says Infonetics.

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