Apple Offers Cheap iPhone5c and Brings Back iPad4

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Apple has added a discounted 8GB version of the iPhone 5c in some parts of the world to stimulate sales. The iPhone 5c, with identical specs but less memory will sell in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Australia and China, with the unlocked device selling for around $70 less than the 16GB model.

While the 8GB variant is available in China and Australia, it is not available in the company’s US store. The iPhone5c lacks features from the flagship iPhone 5S: with the previous A6 chip from the iPhone 5 instead of the 64-bit A7, no M7 motion co-processor or fingerprint recognition, and no Burst iSight camera mode with slow-motion video recording mode.

Apple has also added the new model to its online stores, pricing unlocked models at £429 ($714), which means you’ll need to pay an extra £40 ($67) to double your storage.

The iPad4 is available once again on Apple’s website, this time with only a 16 GB capacity for $399, the same price as the previous iPad 2. It replaces the iPad 2.

The obsolete iPad 2, announced on March 2, 2011, featured an Apple A5 with VGA front-facing and 720p rear-facing cameras. The newer 4th generation iPad was announced on October 23, 2012, and featured a Retina display and an Apple A6X processor. Apple originally discontinued the iPad4 on October 22 2013 while leaving the original iPad 2 in the lineup, probably to keep a model with an old 30-pin model around and clear out inventory.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 at 8:47 am .

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