Qualcomm Announces Multi-User MIMO Chipsets

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Qualcomm has announced chipsets on the way that use new antenna technology to boost Wi-Fi download speeds in crowded spaces.

On Thursday, Qualcomm announced radios that can send three or four data streams as well as chipsets for mobile devices using 802.11ac solutions with multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO).

MU-MIMO will let networks transmit data to many users simultaneously.

Qualcomm Atheros is introducing the QCA9980 and QCA9982 solutions for routers and gateways, and the QCA9990 and QCA9992 solutions for enterprise access points. These 3- and 4-stream, single-chip solutions feature MU-MIMO, 256-QAM modulation, and beamforming. The QCA998x and QCA999x are expected to sample in the second quarter of 2014.

MU-MIMO addresses the problem that access points or wireless routers use short time slots to communicate with only one user at a time, and as more users get connected the network can get overloaded.

The FCC has voted to make the lower 100 MHz of 5 GHz spectrum more useable, reports Fierce Wireless. The FCC’s new 5 GHz rules increase allowable power levels to 1 watt and allow outdoor operation.

The IEEE backed the proposal, saying unlike today’s U-NII-1 band, the U-NII-3 band is a successful home for Wi-Fi because it enables devices to operate both indoors and outdoors using 1 Watt of transmit power.

The FCC also wants to expand use of Wi-Fi in the mid-band at 5.35-5.47 GHz and above the current 5 GHz high end, at 5.85-5.925 GHz bands.

Outdoor gigabit wireless in the 5 GHz band, which didn’t even exist last year, may be getting supporters in the form of a a cable WiFi coalition, headed by Comcast, an Ad-Sponsored WiFi Initiatives from Gowex & Facebook, and ISPs/municipal operators such as Google who may venture into unlicensed wireless.

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