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GOWEX is adding its third ‘WiFi City’ in the US: Miami. In March 2013, GoWEX signed an agreement to deploy 2,000 Smart WiFi Zones at New York, then deployed a WiFi network in San Francisco in June of last year.

GoWEX offers free and premium WI-Fi connectivity at public places, coffee shops and public transit.

In May the company will deploy its WiFi network at Miami, covering the main city’s districts and emblematic streets through its Smart WiFi Zones. Every smartphone or tablet user will be able to get a Free WiFi connection in around 400 hotpots.

The GoWEX business model generates revenues from roaming and offloading, advertising by Geolocalization and revenues from Smart City services:

  • Advertising Incomes: utilizes its Smart Advertising platform for location-based advertising.
  • Roaming and Offloading Incomes: as a result of the 150 agreements between GOWEX and carriers participating at the Roaming Platform, as Oi Brasil, AT&T or Deutsche Telekom
  • Smart City services: incomes obtained from the smart services provided with the GOWEX Wireless Smart Cities® platform

Miami receives 12 million visitors per year and has 5.5 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area, and all of them will be able to connect to GOWEX Free WiFi, says the company.

One account will work on all the WiFi hotspots. The company’s We2 application enables everybody to seamlessly roam across the network.

GOWEX Wireless Smart Cities is global model in the three American cities and at another 85 cities internationally.

As in all GOWEX networks, any user with an account will get a 1 Mbps speed connection for free and will have other Premium options.

IDC estimates that the worldwide enterprise market for Cloud-managed WLAN infrastructure and managed services is expected to reach $2.5 billion by 2018.

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