AT&T + DirecTV: $50B?

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AT&T is moving quickly to seal a takeover deal with satellite-TV provider DirecTV, reports the WSJ, in a deal that could be worth $50 billion.

Dallas-based AT&T would likely pay a premium for DirecTV’s nearly 20 million US subs. But why?

Media consolidation:

With a combined 27 million subscriber base, AT&T’s subscriber count would rival Comcast’s 32 million subscriber base (after T/W). What other advantage would AT&T get from buying a declining satellite TV business? Defense.

Dish Networks now won’t make an offer for DirecTV, said Dish Chairman Charlie Ergen.

“DirecTV would be too frothy for us, for our board to look at, at those kinds of prices,” he said. DirecTV and Dish attempted to merge more than a decade ago, a combination that was squashed by regulators.

Satellite providers DirecTV and Dish also provide satellite broadband but the capacity of their satellite transponders is limited and latency is excessive for voice or gaming.

One thing DirecTV has is rooftop access — for small cells and (branded) WiFi.

Comcast aims to increase its WiFi network reach from 1 million public access points to 8 million by the end of the year while Cablevision’s WiFi network has more than 100,000 access points and growing rapidly.

Dish, unlike DirecTV, is ready to go mobile. It owns spectrum in the AWS-4 band (40 MHz), the PCS band (10 MHz) and the 700 MHz band (6 MHz). Dish brings access to 14 million rooftops. And Dish is preparing to roll out a new video streaming service that could someday rival the 32 million subscribers on Netflix.

It begs the question; who will Dish go home with.

The suitors include:

  • Verizon (which recently purchased Intel’s settop box)
  • T-Mobile (which has nationwide AWS tower coverage for Dish’s 50 MHz of spectrum)
  • Sprint (which has more 2.6 GHz then they can use)
  • Google (planning fiber in dozens of cities).

Who better than Dish to deliver an “alternative infrastructure” for wireless — without the bloated telco legacy.

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