GOWEX: Free WiFi in Chicago

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GOWEX is taking its global model of Wireless Smart Cities to Chicago, its fourth WiFi City in the country, after New York, San Francisco and Miami.

The 9.5 million inhabitants in the Windy City’s metropolitan district and its 46 million annual visitors will now will be able to enjoy the free WiFi, similar to other GOWEX cities such as New York, Madrid, Paris and Dubai. The GOWEX footprint covers some 70 cities around the world.

Today, more than 450 free WiFi hotspots have been deployed, mostly Downtown and the central business district.

The GOWEX business model monetizes its Wi-Fi networks by generating revenues from roaming and offloading that come through their proprietary platform. Revenues are also generated by Geolocalized advertising and revenues from Smart City services, also owned by GOWEX, for governmental use.

Gowex aims to turn private hotspots–such as those found in shops and restaurants–into public hotspots that can easily be accessed for free by users registered on the We2 network for seamless roaming across the city. It will also include access to Gowex’s hotspots in cities worldwide.

GOWEX Wireless Smart Cities is global model with some 85 cities internationally. As in all GOWEX networks, any user with an account will get a 1 Mbps speed connection for free and will have other Premium options.

Hotspot 2.0 is a new set of protocols to enable cellular-like roaming. A variety of partnerships are developing nationwide and world-wide, including:

Infrastructure providers are also enabling small businesses and organizations to “roll their own” Hotspot 2.0 network:

Multi-User MIMO promises to handle large crowds better then Wave 1 802.11ac products since the different users can use different streams at the same time. The Asus AC87U router, powered by Quantenna’s 4×4 MU-MIMO chipset, is expected to be among the first to support advanced beam forming.

Public Hotspots serving large crowds will benefit with MU-MIMO but enterprise and carrier-grade gear could be a year away, say industry observers.

IDC estimates that the worldwide enterprise market for Cloud-managed WLAN infrastructure and managed services is expected to reach $2.5 billion by 2018.

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