Digital Advertising: Mobile Up, Desktop Down

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US advertisers will collectively spend upward of $50 billion on digital advertising in 2014, according to eMarketer.

Their analysis found that mobile spending levels were roughly similar across industries, with virtually all sectors committing about one-third of spending to the mobile channel.

According to eMarketer’s forecast of Twitter users worldwide, their user base will increase 24.4% in 2014. Twitter currently has around 200,000 subscribers, world-wide.

Omnicom announced today a mobile-focused deal with Twitter worth $230 million over the next two years. It will lock in ad rates, inventory, and a “first look” at new ad units.

In 2014, the Asia-Pacific region will account for 32.8% of all Twitter users, compared with 23.7% in North America, eMarketer estimates, and by 2018, Asia-Pacific will more than double North America’s share, breaking the 40% mark in terms of worldwide market share.

Twitter user growth in the US is maturing, and by 2015, eMarketer estimates that the social network’s gains in the country will taper off into single digits.

Mobile may be winning when it comes to its growing share of time spent with media, but advertising dollars are following behind slower than one may expect, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast.

Digital ad spending is set to rise to nearly one-third of the total by the end of 2018, says eMarketer, when advertisers around the world will invest $204.01 billion in digital. eMarketer estimates mobile will account for 63.4% of Facebook’s net digital ad revenues and 23.1% of Google’s net ad revenues, worldwide. Mobile’s advertising share is growing fast while the desktop percentage is decreasing.

Google’s US mobile search advertising will generate total $9.02 billion this year, compared with $13.57 billion for desktop search according to eMarketer.

If Google could generate $9 Billion/year on mobile advertising, it may make fiscal sense for Google to buy air. They’ve got the fiber, data centers, and ad network. Freedom Pop now offers Unlimited Everything for $20/mo.

Google and Facebook have already invested in drones, balloons and satellites. Perhaps Google, with access to Dish TV’s rooftops, could really upset the apple cart.

Fierce Wireless thinks not.

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