Freedom Pop: Unlimited Everything for $20/mo?

Posted by Sam Churchill on

FreedomPop this week started offering users a $20 “unlimited” plan that offers unlimited voice, text and data — more or less. You get 1 GB of LTE data before being throttled back to 3G speeds. You can also tether, but you’ll always be restricted to 3G speeds.

FreedomPop also offers unlimited voice, unlimited text and 500 MB of data for $11 a month (or less, if you sign up for select promotions where you pay a lump sum ahead of time). Additional data is charged at two and a half cents per megabyte. They’re also launching a free app: FreedomPop Free Voice and Text for Android and IOS that provides Free Calls, texts, and voicemail.

FreedomPop has switched from Sprint’s WiMax network to LTE, and will now support LTE devices including the Samsung Victory, Galaxy S3, and the Galaxy S4.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 at 6:47 am .

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