Verizon Multicasts Indy 500

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Verizon’s LTE Multicast of the Indianapolis 500 race incorporated live video from the race broadcast. The race tops the Must-Attend sporting events, according to readers of USA Today.

LTE Multicast uses a specific channel of spectrum that is assigned to this purpose, and makes the same video channel available to hundreds of people at the same time. It enables high quality video to be transmitted on a single mobile channel.

Verizon’s IndyCar ’14 smartphone appdelivers live timing and scoring as well as multiple in-car camera angles and real-time pit crew audio.

Verizon LTE Multicast utilized a series of cameras deployed both trackside and in-car providing IndyCar teams with real time race visibility. Verizon’s LTE Multicast technology partners include Ericsson, Samsung and MobiTV.

Qualcomm used a version of multi-casting with its short-lived MediaFLO service, which the company discontinued in late 2010. But MediaFLO required a TV tuner and a 50,000 watt transmitter on a dedicated 700 MHz frequency.

LTE Broadcast, by contrast, uses LTE. It doesn’t require a TV tuner or powerful transmitter. It uses cell sites, broadcasting video (or data) on a single cellular channel.

Verizon has already started lining up media partners for its service, including the NFL’s new digital network, NFL Now, reports C/Net.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 at 9:45 am .

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