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Amazon’s new Fire smartphone, announced today in Seattle, will run a heavily customized version of the Android operating system that will feature two main points of differentiation, according to BGR.

The Amazon Fire Phone will sport a user interface set apart from the competition by a number of 3D-like effects, called “dynamic perspective”. Second, the phone will support a variety of motion gestures that allow the user to open menus and pull up additional information just by tilting the device.

Both of these software features are enabled by internal sensors and four front-facing infrared cameras that track the position of the user’s head. Omron’s Okao Vision face-sensing technology tracks your head to enable 3D effects.

Firefly, an image-recognition system, lets you identify any book, movie, phone number or other object you point at your phone, notes the NY Times. Firefly is the heart of the phone’s connection to Amazon’s shopping engine. Aim the device at anything around your house, like a bag of cat litter or a tube of toothpaste, and the phone instantly recognizes it and gives you an option to buy the item and have it delivered immediately.

Amazon’s phone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and it includes 2GB of RAM and a 4.7-inch 720p display. AT&T is expected to be the exclusive carrier for the phone.

One of the phone’s top selling points, besides dynamic perspective is the live “Mayday” interface. An accompanying data plan called “Prime Data” was rumored but not announced today.

The phone will also tout a feature that will automatically digitize text in photos of signs and other printed materials. This will allow the phone to perform various functions on the fly, such as translating text into another language or saving information on a business card to a new contact entry.

You can begin pre-ordering for Amazon Fire Phone today. Get it with a traditional 2-year contract ($199) or AT&T’s no annual contract with Next ($649).

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