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T-Mobile said on Wednesday that it had teamed up with popular streaming music services including Pandora, Slacker Radio, Spotify, Rhapsody and Apple’s iTunes Radio. Music streamed from those services will not be counted against a user’s data plan.

All T-Mobile customers subscribed to its current plans, called Simple Choice, will be eligible for the free streaming. The company won’t count streaming music against the company’s simple Choice data plans. T-Mobile US says they’ll make a continuous list of the top six streaming music services, and exempt those services from a user’s data allowance if the use is paying at least $50 per month.

T-Mobile said its UnRadio service, a new online radio service with Rhapsody will be an ad-free service that allows people to listen to specific songs and skip others as much as they want.

It will be free for customers subscribed to T-Mobile’s unlimited data plans and $4 a month for other T-Mobile customers.

The carrier also announced an exclusive arrangement with Apple, offering the ability to try out an iPhone on T-Mobile’s network for a week, with no obligations to keep the phone after the trial or to pay a restocking fee to return it.

T-Mobile is in talks with Sprint, the third-largest carrier, for a $32 billion merger. A deal could be announced this summer.

In April, T-Mobile completed a $3.3 billion purchase of low-band spectrum from Verizon. Before then, T-Mobile was the only major wireless provider without such spectrum.

The swath of 700 megahertz A-band spectrum covers about half the country, and T-Mobile could start filling in the rest of its footprint, sources said. Most of the other 700 MHz A-band spectrum is spread among about 30 smaller carriers, including US Cellular, now the 5th largest carrier.

In the first quarter this year, despite adding over two million new subscribers, T-Mobile posted a loss of $151 million, in contrast to a profit of $106 million in the same quarter a year ago.

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