Asus RT-AC87: First Mu-MIMO Router

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ASUS has officially announced its RT-AC87 Quantenna-based router. The AC2400 designation comes from the 1.73Gbps capacity on the 5GHz band in 802.11ac mode and up to 600Mbps via 802.11n.

Small Net Builder reports the RT-AC87 is the first of the “wave 2″ 802.11ac routers and supports Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) using the 4×4 (four receive / transmit chains) architecture of Quantenna’s QSR1000 chipset.

The router was announced at January’s CES as the RT-AC87U. It becomes the first router to support MU-MIMO, although there are no devices that support MU-MIMO at this time. MU-MIMO is expected to be particularly useful in high-density urban environments such as stadiums where hundreds of people may try to share a single access point.

The RT-AC87 introduces some new features including AiProtection parental controls and a new intelligent QoS feature that uses packet inspection to allocate bandwidth.

MU-MIMO improves wireless throughput by enabling simultaneous transmission to three or more clients. Single User MIMO had to serve devices, round-robin style, one at a time. Devise support for Mu-MIMO is expected shortly. Phones using Qualcomm’s 801 processor may support MU-MIMO (with a software upgrade).

The router is available now in North America with the estimated price of $270.

Small Net Builder also has a first look at the NETGEAR R8000 Nighthawk X6 Tri-Band WiFi Router based on Broadcom XStream technology with two 5 GHz radios and a 2.4 GHz radio.

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