Google Joins New Submarine Cable Partnership

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Google is investing in another submarine cable project — at least its third in the last six years – reports Light Reading.

Google is one of the partners in the FASTER subsea consortium, which just tapped NEC to build out a $300 million Trans-Pacific cable. The other partners in FASTER are China Mobile, China Telecom, KDDI, SingTel and Global Transit.

FASTER will feature 6-fiber-pair cable with an initial design capacity of 60Tb/s (100Gb/s x 100 wavelengths x 6 fiber-pairs).

Google also invested in the Trans-Pacific Unity Cable and the Southeast Asia-Japan Cable (SJC) in recent years.

The Southeast Asia-Japan Cable (SJC) became operational in June, 2013, providing residents in seven countries with greater Internet connectivity.

Google reportedly retains ownership in more than 100,000 fiber route miles around the world. Fellow web titan Facebook also has invested in at least one submarine cable and, like Google, has been viewed as a potential acquirer or investor in others.

Below is a picture of WCI and Southern Cross oceanic cables dangling over an Oregon river after a washout in 2008. Both oceanic cables make landfall at Nedonna Beach. The fiber is layed along the Tillamook Bay Railroad which runs down the coast and into Portland. They start at the West Coast cable landing station at Nedonna Beach.

WCI Cable is a wholesale provider of fiber-optic communications service connecting major Alaska markets to the continental United States. It relays traffic from users like the Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF) which downloads data from polar orbiting platforms like RadarSat. Southern Cross connects to Hawaii, Fiji, Australia (PineGap?) and New Zealand; with connections for two other carriers that connect to Japan, South Korea, Mainland China and Taiwan.

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