DailyWireless.org is an independent blog about all forms of wireless communications. Unassociated with any business or marketing organization, it covers a broad spectrum of wireless news. Here’s our Twitter page.

The main focus is on LTE and municipal wireless, wireless devices and apps. Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Bluetooth, public service communications and satellite communications are also covered in-depth.

DailyWireless began in 2002 and currently has over 12,000 feature-length postings and more than 12 million page views. It was co-founded by Sam Churchill (Editor-in-Chief) and Don Park (past President of Portland’s PersonalTelco Project). Our first post was on March 24, 2002.

All content on DailyWireless reflects the authors’ understanding of the issues and is not altered in any way by outside commercial interests (no paid posting or product mentions). It is our policy to disclose any financial interest in products or services if any relationship exists. We have no investments in any telecommunications company and do not sell or trade any information about our readers to direct marketers. Dailywireless passed McAfee Site Advisor tests for safety.

We encourage advertising on DailyWireless. We offer very competitive CPMs ($2-$12 per thousand page views). We use Google Analytics for statistics. Using their conservative metrics, our page views average around 50-60K/month. See our advertising page for more info.

Our readers skew heavily towards wireless telecommunications professionals although the content is written for a general audience and mostly jargon-free.

Sam Churchill, the editor, is not an industry professional. As the editor, I would say the overall viewpoint of DailyWireless is consumer-oriented, not industry-oriented. We prefer healthy competition — from the bottom up. That’s why we think community efforts to provide fiber and unlicensed spectrum should be encouraged — and why we started this blog.

We try to report the news and not comment on it. But what’s a blog without opinions? I often include my own (and others).

We hope you enjoy DailyWireless as much as Don and I enjoy bringing it to you.

– Sam Churchill
(schurchill AT gmail.com)
Portland, OR

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